Educational Training

Out of 6 top universities in the world, 4 of them are in the UK. Therefore the education quality of UK is recognized all over the world. Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience will take you to the higher educational institutions, Ministry of Education and education development associations for visiting and studying. You can learn about the UK educational system and the education law as well as experience its advanced education mode and teaching methods led by critical thinking. It will surely be a valuable asset for educational studies and reforms in China.


.Experience the advanced education mode and teaching methods led by critical thinking in the UK
.Improve the educational research qualities in China
.Promote dynamic education
.Learn about UK education's advantageous, set a clear gold for China's education reforms
.Learn about writing and developing teaching materials
.Improve educational facilities and environment in China


.The UK education philosophy .The UK education features
.The educational management and system in the UK .Overall rating mode in the UK
.How to develop teaching plans that suit students' development .Programme design and organization
.Construction of teaching environment .UK education leaders
.Extra-curriculum arrangement in the UK .Hygiene, psychology and value educating and moral construction
.Nurture the students' interest and talents .Educational human resources management in the UK
.Education quality oversight in the UK .Educational development in the UK
.Mainstream elementary education and theory in the UK  

Collaboration Units:

.British Ministry of Education .British Ministry of Skills
.The British Educational specification office .The English Teachers Association
.The Saïd Business School of University of Oxford .Oxfordshire County Council
.The Scottish Executive Education Ministry .The British Association of Principals
.The British School Training and Development Agency .UCAS
.The Higher Education Quality Regulators in the UK .The Board of England Higher Education Fund Management
.British Association of Higher Education Staff Development  
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