Environmental Protection Training

The environmental friendly economic development is a global trend as well as being pursued by every country. UK's achievement in environmental protection is prominent and there are a lot that China can learn from. OxfordCambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience collaborated with the UK Environment Agency, UK Forestry Bureau and UK Water Authority; provide professional training sessions, field studies and communications.


.Improve the water pollution and rehabilitation of water environment of rivers in China
.Improve the environmental protection awareness in China
.Set up necessary environmental law and institutions
.Learn more about future development of cultural heritage protection in China
.Consolidate the surveillance system of environmental protection in China
.Promote energy-saving accommodation and low-carbon economic development in China
.Promote urban afforestation and construction planning in China


.Control heritage protection .British water conservancy management and planning
.Afforestatio .Save endangered species
.British environmental legislation and institutions .Reasonable use and management of environmental donations
.Status quo of low-carbon economy and major policies .Olympic rules and post-use
.Urban industrial transformation .Urban greening design
.Urban transportation planning  

Collaboration Units :

.The UK Environment Agency .The UK Forestry Commission
.British Standards Institution .British Academy of Forestry
.The UK Water Authority .The UK Soil Association
.The Zoological Society of London .The Water of Thames Authority
.The Crown Planning Institute .The Royal Botanic Gardens
.The UK Economic Development Agency .New London Architecture Centre
.London City Planning Department .Edinburgh-Tech Park
.London Development Agency  
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