Financial Training

To better improve the comprehensive development and internationalisation of China's financial industry, we have to learn adequately about the competitiveness, development trend, management strategy and risks of the international financial market. Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience has collaborations with many prestigious financial institutions in the UK, e.g. The London Stock Exchange, City Hall of City of London and The UK Financial Service Authority. Our collaborative training includes lectures delivered by eminent financial scholars and Q&A sessions with them.


.Broaden international vision
.Improve the financial strategic thinking
.Improve leadership
.Understand the developing trend of the Chinese finance market under international competitive pressure
.Establish better client relationship
.Expand the development of China's financial sector
.Work out the financing for innovative small and medium enterprises


.The laws and regulations of international finance
.The operation mode of international finance
.The competitiveness of international finance
.The development trend of international finance
.Financial investment risk management
.The relationship between international politics, economy and leadership
.The strategic management of retail banking in the UK
.UK banking marketing- Client relationship management and case stud
.Reginal economic development strategy in the UK
.The UK government's current financial supervision and regulation
.Introduction and development of financial products
.Comparison and analysis of European debt crisis
.Development strategy of logistics finance
.Legislation and norms of UK audit

Collaboration Units :

.UK Treasury .UK National Audit Office
.School of Business Administration of University of Oxford .UK Financial Services Authority
.City Hall of City of London .London Economic development Agency
.Barclays Bank .London Stock Exchange
.HSBC .Association for Financial Sector in UK London
.Municipal Economic Development Department of City of London
.Municipal International Collaboration Service Department of City of London
For more information about financial training, please contact BCIC Business Training Consultant.