Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience will take you to visit actual British judicial bodies, ensure you to learn sufficiently about the British law institution and judicial system as well as the differences between the judicial systems of China and UK.


.Discuss the legal system reform in China so as to adapt to the changes in the economic system
.Deepen the judicial system reform in China so as to improve the oversight capacity of the law
.Deepen the judicial system reform in China so as to better safeguard the right of the parties
.Increase the judicial exchanges between UK and China
.Understand about international law and judicial systems

Content :

.Judicial procedures in the UK
.Trial proceedings in the U
.Legal system in the UK
.Judicial government affairs management in the UK
.Court protection policies in the UK
.Status quo of human rights protection in the UK
.The relationship of the court and the procuratorate in the UK
.The prison system in the UK
.Overview about UK economic system and legal system
.The judicial personnel's nurturing, examinations and oversight mechanism in the UK
.The accountability for abuse of power and human rights violation in the UK

Collaboration Units :

.UK Ministry of Justice .UK Attorney General's Offic
.The UK Department of Constitutional Affairs .British Crown Prosecution Service
.England and Wales Bar Council .Scotland Police Department
.Scottish Police College .British Forensic Science Alliance
.UK Forensic Science Service .Integrated Court of Oxford
.British Criminal Bar Association .Effective Dispute Resolution Centre, Oxford
.Oxford LLP .London Court of International Arbitration
.Cambridge Business School .School of Law of Queen Mary University of London
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