Enterprise Management Training

The development of an enterprise is largely determined by its leaders' ability. Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience offers an opportunity for the Chinese enterprise leaders and executives to study in the UK and learn about the practice and experience from the UK enterprises.


.Improve strategic research capacity .Improve marketing skills
.Improve innovation skill .Improve team working skills
.Improve leadership .Improve problem solving skills

Content :

.Enterprise management .Branding
.Business innovation .Marketing management
.Investment risk management .Human resources management
.Leadership .Self-regulatory principles of the UK enterprises

Collaboration Units :

.UK Cabinet Office .UK Treasury
.London Development Agency .Cambridge Judge Business School
.Oxford Brookes University .Oxford Technology Innovation Centre
.Oxford City Hall .Edinburgh City Hall
.Bath, England City Hall .British Aerospace
.British Virgin Group companies .British Petroleum
.UK Saïd Business School .University of Bath
For more information about enterprise management training, please consult BCIC Business Training Consultant.