Political Training

To learn about the political and social system in the UK, Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience will take you to visit UK public sectors, enabling you to communicate directly with UK government officials and learn about construction of government affairs and administrative management.

Purpose :

.Improve the management skills of the government officials
.Improve the professional qualities of the government officials
.Increase political communication between UK and China


.UK's political system, administrative system and economic structure
.Public sector management in the UK
.UK government structure and operation
.Administrative Rational Principle and Standards
.The recognised standards and accountability for abuse of administrative freedom
.Public policy making standards of the UK government
.The role of public policies

Collaboration Units :

.House of Lords .House of Commons
.Cabinet Office .London City Council
.Oxford Brookes University .Oxford Technology Innovation Centre
.Manchester City Council .Bath City Council
For more information about political training, please contact BCIC Business Training Consultant.