Media Training

Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management Experience will take you to explore UK media in depth from editing, interviewing, analysing, developing trend to the film industry. We will also take you to visit the major British Medias and enable you to have an in-depth communication with the professionals.


.Learn about the dynamic development of the TV and radio media .Internationalisation of the media industry in China
.Promote the development of the film industry in China .Increase the media communication between the UK and China
.Improve the working environment of the TV and radio media .Nurture senior media personnel in China


.Visit the work environment of the UK media .Media management experience in the UK
.Overview of media programmes in the UK .Media programmes in the UK
.Global media industry .The development of the international digital media
.How to promote the radio and film industry  

Collaboration Units :

.BBC .British Sky News broadcast station
.British Independent Media Association .Digital TV Group
.SAE .School of Creative Media, Brook University
.Radio and Broadcasting Association .British Broadcasting Authority
.British BT Media and Broadcast Sector .IPC Media
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